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Our finest didjeridoos are fashioned from a flower stem.  The Agave is good for more than just making tequila - the flower stem that it shoots towards the sky at the end of its life makes a beautiful and unusual didjeridoo!  Their dynamic resonance and primitive appearance make them our most desired instruments.  Each stem must be hollowed out by hand and cut to length.  If the notorious Agave worm has left a hole we fill it with handmade beads or colorful stones.  Each horn is finely sanded and finished then finished with a bees wax mouthpiece.  Our very finest Agave didjeridoos are hand-painted with unique "dot" art patterns.


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  Please understand that all of our didgeridoos are custom crafted.  No two are alike, and we make no effort to produce more than one of any particular design or sound.   You are invited to call to hear a particular instrument, or visit us at one of our shows to try one for yourself.  Since they are so individual, it is necessary to quote prices individually.

The style or pattern of didgeridoos we make varies from time to time - depending on our inspiration.  At this time, we are making instruments out of agave and are experimenting with various colors based on Australian Aboriginal patterns. Here is a sampling of what we have done so far: 




We personally harvest our own bamboo then dry it slowly for months until it is perfectly cured.  We hollow each piece by hand and then cut it to the desired length which determines its musical pitch.  By burnishing it with flame we give every didjeridoo its own unique pattern, then varnish it inside and out. In the ancient tradition we finish each horn with a mouth piece of all natural bees wax.  These are fine musical instruments at a reasonable price.


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