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To listen our music you will need software that can play a MP3 file. Windows Media Player is installed on all windows 98 and above operating systems or  Real One is also a free player.    




Blue Suede Boogie
"Blue Suede Boogie" is a collection of original songs by Martin & Scott orchestrated with vocals, keyboards, flutes, didjeridoos and a little help from our friends.





Two Hollow Sticks

"Two Hollow Sticks" is the uniquely moving combination of two of the Earth's most ancient musical instruments, the didjeridoo and flute.

Dancing Back To Eden

Number Six Train    Thoughts of Naomi




Streams of Light

A combination of the the naturally resonant tones of the didjeridoo and the silver flute. These two ancient sounds combine in a healing and soothing symphony of harmony and peace.


                                                      Eyes Beyond the Veil




Dancing Back To Eden

Is a bountiful mixture of rhythms and global influences fully orchestrated by Martin & Scott using their diverse musical talents on didjeridoo, flute, keyboards, guitar, vocals, and percussion.

Dancing Back To Eden

     Cactus Bloom    The Dream's Not Over



Earth Echoes

Combines the unique sound of the Australian didjeridoo with silver flute, synthesizer and natural cymbals to create a calm and soothing musical experience.  A perfectly peaceful accompaniment for massage or artistic creativity.

Dreamtime Storyteller     A Walk in Winter 



Primal Resonance

An exciting instrumental recording of flute, didjeridoo, keyboards and percussion.  Compositions inspired by an Australian journey with a variety of moods and rhythms.

Walkingabout     Busking on Bondi



Didj-Guy & the Nightengale

A natural recording of only flute and didjeridoo, two of the worlds most ancient woodwind instruments.  Comforting flute ,melodies flow smoothly above the earthy resonant tones of the didjeridoo throughout this live recording.

Return of the Snake     Somewhere in my Heart



Ancient Runes

Is soft and meditative it features silver flute, river cane flute & handcrafted bamboo & agave didjeridoos, accompanied by synthesizer and the natural sounds of an Ozark mountain rainstorm.


Salutations     Voices of Nebuchadnezzar



Christmas Favorites

Sixteen traditional Christmas carols beautifully orchestrated with piano, flute and synthesizer.  These familiar melodies make a wonderful instrumental accompaniment to the holiday season.

What child is this     Silent Night 



Images & Reflections

The first collaboration of Martin & Scott.  This collection combines uplifting flute melodies with moving piano and synthesizer arrangements.  It is a warm and relaxing listening experience.  

Soft Smile     Solemn Dreams



Flights of Fantasy

Recorded by Skywave - Deborah Martin, Preston Scott & Michael Diamond.  Instrumentation includes flute, piano, electric guitar, bass, drums and percussion. 


Moonwater   Waiting in the Wings





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