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Crypto has a dream for your life but it is not what you think | by The Future of Money | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

Fact: Technology never shares its benefits unless you play by the rules.

Enjoying your TV requires that you plop down and look at it. Without your attention, you don’t get the entertainment. TV requires something of you.

When new tech arrives, there is a honeymoon-like period of enthusiasm.

Then you wake up a few months later with a hangover thinking, “What happened to my body? My mental health? My relationships? My time?”

Of course, it isn’t always so drastic. But it does seem wise to take an honest look at the implications of crypto’s place in our lives.

Crypto is technology and it has rules.

Crypto has whispered sweet promises in your ear. Those are the benefits. But again, to get them, ask yourself, “What are the rules I have to play by?”

Being the new kid on the block on Crypto Twitter, there is this pervasive joke about low mental health, weak relational ties, and a one-dimensional life orbiting around the crypto.

Do you accept those terms?

I’m not comfortable working in this space, writing, sharing, building a community of like-minded learners without being ultra-clear on this reality.

So here’s the uncensored picture of crypto’s dream for your life.

The threat of any technology (including crypto)

The threat of any technology is that, as we play by its rules, it slowly erodes something core to our humanity.

Like a dying star, the light inside of you slowly goes out. And you don’t care so much as long as number go up.

This is what we become when we do not question the terms and conditions of crypto.

The lie of crypto

If you let it, these questions will really send you spinning. When I asked them to a guy who was trying to scam me on Telegram we ended up having a great chat.

What does more money symbolize to you? When you sell the ATH of your gem, what will you trade that money for?

Rest from work?

Stuff that proves status?

Things that entertain?

Adventure and travel?

More time with loved ones?

If you can actually identify your answer, its probably something pretty profound. Does it feel like all that weight is hanging on your portfolio?

Is it really though?

Is your only hope for peace enough money?

Is your only hope for rest the perfect moment to sell?

That just can’t be. That can’t be life.

Whatever peace, rest, joy, adventure, and abundance are they can’t be entirely contingent upon your portfolio. I refuse to believe that. Do you?

For me, I found that crypto was promising abundance without dependence. With enough money, I could have everything I want and need taken care of for forever.

That narrative is basically a story of “build a big safe, secure, fully-stocked castle and life is perfect.” At that point you’ll have everything you need.

That does sound nice. And — don’t get me wrong- I wouldn’t spurn that castle. But that story — even in all of its customized variations — is actually a lie.

The possibility of true wealth

Crypto has value so long as it serves your true wealth — the real good life.

I believe the good life comes down to the vibrancy of your relational ecosystem. Your relationship with self, others, the world, and source (whatever you believe is ultimate — for many I’ve talked to, that essence seems to be love).

If you are rich in the quality of each of these relational faces, that is true wealth. Not the fully-stocked castle.

Warren Buffet has a great thought here:

“You are a success if the people that you want to love you at the end of your life actually do.”

Coming from a very rich man, that is a keen insight. Buffet — at least in this soundbyte — describes ultimate success not in financial terms but in relational terms.

Crypto will steal, kill, and destroy that true wealth if you let it. Crypto is not inherently good or bad. But because it is a technology, it requires something from you. Recognize that, orient, adapt, change the rules as needed.

Refuse to play by any rules that sabotage that vision of the good life.

Crypto’s dream for your life is wholly inadequate. Maybe it can be a footnote in the larger story of you pursuing and experiencing true relational wealth. If it can serve that vision, let it. If it’s not serving that vision, rip up the script and start again.

My best to you dear reader. Thanks for being here.

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