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DeFi Insight | FTX Is Why We Need More DeFi, Not Less | by AlphaPro | Coinmonks | Nov, 2022

November 16, 2022

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FTX isn’t DeFi

If anything, the FTX catastrophe represents a failure of the centralized finance mechanisms that DeFi has been working so hard to replace.

Consider where the troubled roots of the FTX catastrophe ultimately stemmed from — FTX lent out customer deposits, rather than holding them as redeemable 1:1 deposits. To make things worse, they over-leveraged their balance sheets by holding a disproportionately large amount of its own illiquid FTT token as collateral, instead of safer assets like stablecoins. In short, FTX tried to play the role of a bank where it wasn’t supposed to, and it played that role poorly.

Neither of the above would be possible for a DeFi exchange or bank.@Source


Six Commitments for Healthy Centralized Exchanges

According to @cryptoquant_com, over the past week, crypto balances on CEXs have sunk to their lowest level since November 2018

SBF: Alameda has more assets than liabilities, and FTXUS Assets are enough to cover the repayment of all users

Sam Bankman-Fried Facing Possible Trip to US for Questioning

FTX creditors may number over 1 million as regulators seek answers

Ripple and Binance seek UK regulatory licenses, lawmakers are told

22–316MR ASIC suspends FTX Australia’s AFS licence

Founder of The block: The company was born in 2021, and did not participate in the business during the rise of FTX

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong sells more than $1.6 million in shares


The Fantom Foundation will launch a grant program through the Grants Protocol, Gitcoin’s new grant protocol, and applications are currently open

Web3 Gaming with Aptos x NPIXEL


Circle Reveals FTX Exposure, Says USDC Conversions on Binance Have Hurt Projections


Crypto lender Salt halts withdrawals citing FTX impact


FTX Fallout Adds Urgency to South Korea’s Push for Crypto Regulations: Report


Crypto KOL ZachXBT: Chain Game SolChicks Developer Fails to Disclose $20M Funds Lost by UST Thunder to Community


Crypto Cold Wallets in Ledger, Trezor Sales Moon After FTX Collapse


LVMH official website homepage displays the poster of RTFKT and RIMOWA collaboration

Brevan Howard Digital co-leads $4.8 million round for NFT fraud detection startup Yakoa

Yuga Labs Kicks-Off First of Its Kind NFT Museum Donation Initiative, Gifts CryptoPunk to the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami

Ronaldo announces that his NFT series will be available exclusively on Binance on November 18

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  • Kava Network’s unique Co-Chain architecture provides the network with the speed and exibility of Ethereum smart contracts and the interoperability of the Cosmos SDK framework.
  • Although the Kava Network’s TVL has significantly decreased since its all-time-highs during the bull market, the Kava Network’s current DeFi market share has increased since the beginning of 2022. This shows the growing strength of the Kava Network relative to the rest of DeFi.
  • The introduction of the multichain bridge and other potential bridge integrations in the future will allow easier access to the Kava ecosystem, which is expected to attract more users and liquidity to the Kava ecosystem.

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