You are currently viewing New Listings on KuCoin(August/September) |  by Maggie N. |  Coinmonks |  Sep 2022

New Listings on KuCoin(August/September) | by Maggie N. | Coinmonks | Sep 2022

Kucoin being the leading Crypto exchange platform in the Altcoin space, is always keen to include newly launched crypto/tokens. This inclusive nature is why the platform stands out among other exchanges in the Crypto market. Oh, and this is where you want to camp, if you’re to find the next crypto gem.

Kucoin has proven itself in the Crypto exchange industry, owing to the following factors:

  • Its inclusive of all classes of investors, commonly named as the “People’s exchange“.
  • Its the no.1 Altcoin exchange featuring over 700+ assets and 1200 trading pairs. Its also home to a few crypto gems like KMA, BLOK, CHMB, VR and DAO.
  • It has a backyard of over 20 million users across countries and regions, offering Spot trading, Margin Trading, Staking, Futures, P2P trading, and Lending services.
  • Kucoin is featured as a top 5 crypto exchange according to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

I recently did a “July/August” new listing on KuCoin. This article will simply be a continuation of the previous article.

  1. NFT-ETF -hiSAND33– Its an ERC-20 token, powered by Fracton protocol, representing 1/1,000,000 ownership of a bundle, typically with 3×3 Sandbox lands in the Meta-Swap pool of Fracton Protocol. It is supported by the HISAND33/USDT trading pair.

Fracton protocol represents an NFT infrastructure featured with a 2-step fractionalization (ERC721-ERC1155-ERC20), with an aim to provide permissionless liquidity for all kinds of NFT.

  • Total supply: 8,000,000 HISAND33
  • Issue Price: _
  • Trading: 10:00 on August 24, 2022 (UTC)

2. Dogechain (DC) — Dogechain pumps up Dogecoin to bring crypto applications like games, NFTs and Defi to the Dogecoin community. This is because Dogecoin is unable to support any of these applications; hence Dogecoin comes to solve this. With Dogechain, Dogecoin holders get more opportunities than simply just holding.

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000 DC
  • Issue Price: $0.0001
  • Trading: 10:00 on August 27, 2022 (UTC)

3. Metaverse.Network & Bit.Country (NEER)– Its the new multi-metaverse (L1 blockchain and smart contract platform on Kusama) giving non-tech users the ability to create their own Metaverse, marketplaces & NFTs.

  • Total supply: 100,000,000 NEER
  • Initial Market cap: $6,840,000
  • Issue Price: $0.3
  • Trading: 12:00 on August 30, 2022 (UTC)

4. ThunderCore (TT)– It features an ultra-fast layer 1 public blockchain that is keen to bring elite execution and a cost-effective scalability designed for its vibrant ecosystem.

Its aim is to provide a battle-tested home built for the next generation of artists, crypto builders, and dreamers creating in Web 3, NFT, Defi and GameFi. This is through its Proof of Stake architecture, 4,000 TPS and strong development support.

  • Total supply: 10,000,000,000 TT
  • Market cap: $51,539,876
  • Issue Price: $0.029318
  • Trading: 9:00 on September 1, 2022 (UTC)

5. Ravencoin (RVN)– Ravencoin portrays an open source, decentralized, community-driven, and proof-of-work blockchain protocol that was essentially built on a code fork of Bitcoin.

It brings on board features, especially focused on simple management and issuance, of tradable blockchain-based assets, that typically represent real-world assets such as commodities, securities, NFTs, and real estates. Essentially, assets are created through burning the native currency (RVN).

  • Total supply: 21,301,804,400 RVN
  • Market cap: $305,203,955
  • Issue Price: _
  • Trading: 10:00 on August 31, 2022 (UTC)

6. NFT ETF -hiENS3– This ERC-20 token represents 1/1,000,000 ownership of one (3-digit) ENS in the ENS3 Meta-Swap pool of Fracton Protocol. Essentially, for each 3-digit ENS put into the pool, total supply of hiENS3 expands by 1 million. Alternatively, for each 3-digit ENS taken from the pool, the total supply of hiENS3 reduces by 1 million.

  • Total supply: 6,000,000 HIENS3
  • Trading: 10:00 on September 5, 2022 (UTC)

7. Mechaverse (MC)– Mechaverse represents a subsidiary game-fi project developed by Mechaverse labs. (a Web3 entertainment platform). Mechaverse features a Meta-Dimensional Strategy Game-Fi in The Era of Web3, essentially armed with the NFT authorization, of many well-known Japanese IPs.

The team behind Mechaverse includes experienced professionals in Visual design, Crypto, Game Development and Publication, Blockchain, Finance, Media, Digital art and Branding.

  • Total supply: 200,000,000 MC
  • Market cap: $300,000
  • Issue Price: $0.1
  • Trading: 12:00 on September 7, 2022 (UTC)

8. Meta Apes (PEEL)– Meta Apes brings on board a free-to-play and win-to-earn (MMO) strategy game, developed for mobile and its currently the first game built and launched on BNB sidechain.

Meta Apes was designed with a vision to build a unique Web3 game that brings Web2 features and Web3 games, hence appealing to both traditional and P2E players.

  • Total supply: 67,594,413 PEEL
  • Market cap: $11,028,516
  • Issue Price: $0.04
  • Trading: 10:00 on September 8, 2022 (UTC)

9. Sweat Economy (SWEAT)- Sweat Wallet stands out as the fastest growing DApp with over 13M+ users in a span of 4 months. SWEAT fuels the Sweat Wallet app, which serves as a Web3 portal for millions of users. The Demand for SWEAT originates from:

  1. Utility– staking for rewards, platform token benefits & gamification.
  2. Buy and Burn– Funded by Sweat Foundation Revenue
  • Total supply: 21,000,000,000 SWEAT
  • Market cap: $4,100,000
  • Issue Price: $0.00714
  • Trading: 9:00 on September 13, 2022 (UTC)

10. NTF ETF hiODBS– Its an ERC-20 token representing 1/1,000,000 ownership of an ODBS in the Meta-Swap pool of Fracton Protocol. Its currently supported by the HIODBS/USDT trading pair.

  • Total supply: 32,000,000 hiODBS
  • Trading: 12:00 on September 14, 2022 (UTC)

11. Caduceus (CMP)– Cadeceus represents a Metaverse protocol for decentralized edge rendering, providing an infrastructure-level open blockchain platform exclusively built to bring value in the Metaverse and the decentralized digital world. It employs decentralized rendering, 3D rendering for Metaverse developers and creators technology, and edge computing.

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 CMP
  • Market cap: $210,000,000
  • Issue Price: $0.08
  • Trading: 10:00 on September 15, 2022 (UTC)

12. Pixie (PIX)– Pixie stands out as the worlds first crypto-based photo and video sharing social platform in Web3 incorporated with SocialFi concepts. Its commonly referred as the crypto version of Tiktok and Instagram. Essentially, engaging in social activities like (posting and liking) will earn you some PIX tokens. The platform currently has 30k daily users and over 7 million posts, becoming the biggest social platform in Web3 era.

  • Total supply: 100,000,000,000 PIX
  • Issue Price: $0.005
  • Trading: 10:00 on September 20, 2022 (UTC)

13. Metaplex (MPLX)– Metaplex happens to be the largest NFT ecosystem in the world, being powered by the open-source Metaplex Protocol; a rapidly growing creator platform. In just a span of one year, more than 1B USD in revenue and 3B USD in secondary sales have been raised for creators and artists utilizing Metaplex technology. Its currently supported by the MPLX/USDT trading pair on KuCoin.

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 MPLX
  • Issue Price: $0.35
  • Trading: 00:00 on September 20, 2022 (UTC)

14. NTF-ETF hiDOODLES– This is an ERC-20 token representing 1/1,000,000 of Doodles present in the Meta-Swap pool of Fracton Protocol. Its supported on Kucoin with the HIDOODLES/USDT trading pair.

  • Total supply: 21,000,000 hiDOODLES
  • Trading: 12:00 on September 22, 2022 (UTC)

15. Sandclock (Quartz)– This financial app built on blockchain is the world’s first user-programmable yield optimizer developed for the masses; However, its still quite useful for power crypto users. Sandclock brings on board flexibility, automation, and high APYs on user deposits. Users can essentially give, save, invest, and spend yield generated on stablecoins with ease.

Sandclock aims to be the onboarding channel for the next 50 million non-crypto users to cross over to Web3.

  • Total supply: 100,000,000 QUARTZ
  • Market cap: $25,839,563
  • Issue Price: $1.00
  • Trading: 10:00 on September 26, 2022 (UTC)

16. EthereumPoW (ETHW)– ETHW in short, is a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain with the Ethereum Merge. With the Merge recently accomplished, Ethereum has transitioned to be proof-of-stake, with the forked version remaining as proof-of-work.

  • Total supply: 122,444,717 ETHW
  • Market cap: $1,398,761,437
  • Trading: 9:00 on September 26, 2022 (UTC)

17. AgeOfGods (AOG)AgeOfGods stands out as the Next-Gen NFT action card game employing 100% of its total revenue to BuyBack tokens from the market. The revenue streams included are NFT trading royalties, in-game purchases, and partnerships such as BiSwap.

  • Total supply: 270,000,000 AOG
  • Market cap: $1,500,000
  • Issue Price: $0.12
  • Trading: 12:00 on September 30, 2022 (UTC)

18. Acquire.Fi (ACQ)– It features a platform where Web3 and Investing conjoin, developing a new wealth building model for all. The two products that are linked include:

  1. The first crypto M&A marketplace
  2. Investment pools giving retail investors fractionalized access to ownwership of Web3 companies, real world assets and traditional businesses.

Acquire.Fi essentially is placing APY from real world revenue generating ventures to be on-chain and accessible to everyone.

  • Total supply: 300,000,000 ACQ
  • Issue Price: $0.1
  • Trading: 15:00 on September 28, 2022 (UTC)


Being part of KuCoin means having direct access to the latest Crypto and Metaverse projects before they moon. Having a KuCoin account will definitely make that journey easier. Start today, and Keep on Building!

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